Client Login:

  • DomesticAccess for U.S. TPAs, MGUs, Healthplans, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • InternationalAccess for Non-U.S. Assistance Companies, Insurers, Government Agencies, etc.
  • MaritimeAccess for P&I Clubs, Ship Owners, Cruise Lines, Vessels, etc.
  • PPO Access for National, Regional, Specialty Networks
  • ProvidersAccess for Providers and Hospitals serving Maritime and International Members.
  • ConsumersAccess for private pay individuals

PPO Clients Portal Page

Welcome to the HSI PPO Web Portal designed to help you develop efficiencies in repricing.

HSI's network solutions are ideal for networks that do not have internal repricing operations or are moving towards outsourcing.

HSI loads a PPO fee schedules into our proprietary system and becomes the back office for repricing services to all customers of the PPO network. We can handle automate even the most complex of provider contracts.

Additionally, partnering with HSI provides additional PPO benefits:

  • Immediate access to hundreds of payor clients across many service markets such as Domestic, International and Maritime
  • Instant ease of administration
  • Ability to leverage the asset of your network with reduced administrative expense

The type of clients we have in the PPO Market include:

  • National
  • Regional
  • Specialty Medical
  • Provider Networks

Services offered to our PPO Clients include:

  • Technology and Data Management Services
  • Network Repricing and Distribution Services



Based on client need, HSI develops individualized log in access areas to:
Reprice Claims
Look Up Claims History
Access Eligibility Data
View Specialized Reporting

Interested in obtaining online access – send email to